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How to Successfully Draw Your First Fashion Designs Sketches

You see, sometimes the biggest problem for a beginner to start anything is, really, how to begin that something! You, for instance, may have the same kind of experiences when you are about to draw your first fashion sketches.

The problem emerges, and almost always, because of one simple thing: most beginners simply forget they are still to begin something and thus aiming for the biggest and best scores in their drawings! One simple question, nonetheless: how could you do this without much more practices?

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See to it yourself now l? Probably, the first and foremost step to do in drawing your sketches is not that of producing the best drawings at all. Instead, it is to allow yourself to make as many mistakes as possible so that you could learn your own lessons from your own experiences! Make sure that you realize the fact that when you are about to make your draw your first line, you may honestly expect some mistakes into it. From your mistakes, you could then learn how to correct them, all the while; you are learning to produce better and better drawings! You see, the very secret of successful drawings may indeed involve some magical secret then: there is no magic at all!

What Cuts, Shapes and Prints to Look For in 2013

The most attractive thing about this New Year is chance of re-use, re-design and renew our styling outlook. I am not talking about how we do it anyway with all of we’ve already had or designed. I am just talking about what is the trends of 2013.spring-fashiond-trends

While the Fall 2013 collections have yet to show  up, we’ve got more than enough Pre-Fall fodder and Spring to make some valuable analysis about the prints, hemlines, silhouettes and inspiration which will be on your coverage in the next year.  

Making Money from Your Fashion Drawings or Sketches

If you really like to draw some fashion sketches 1000 , what about you try to take most benefits of your hobby and creations and make some money of your own? Money from  Fashion Drawings or SketchesOf course, you are not talking about that big giant fashion industries right now, that could happen may be some time later when you have enough experiences.

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For now, suffice it to say that you aim for the smaller fish first. And for this, you could direct your sketches to any of those clothing vendors in and or around your city. Either you show them your collections or creations to get them printed for some t-shirts or you may ask the vendors’ owner to let you draw some designs for their new products.


Steps in Drawing Your Fashion Sketches

At least, fulfill these several important steps when you are about to produce your own fashion sketches or drawings. First, always try to be as creative as you could. Try to think ‘out of the box’ to generate some of the freshest and newest ideas where people could not see things in the way you see them.

Then, when you are ready to pour your idea into some pieces of papers, try to always, now, think as orderly as possible. This means, if you want to draw a complete set of clothing, that is upper, mid and lower garment, then do so in the order like top, mid, bottom or left, mid, right or the other way. Thinking in this way will help you concentrating on your job and thus making you capable of finishing your drawings faster and better.

Last but not least, never forget about the details of your drawings. If necessary, you could help yourself remembering details with making some notes. List anything that crossing your mind just don’t mind whether such details may seem funny or even silly at first. The point is your being thorough wit 1000 h your drawings. And since practices do make perfect, that notes could be your best ones for sure.